Foraging Tour of Prospect Park Drop in

Provided by: Foraging with the "Wildman"

Ages: 5 years - 17 years

Price: $10.00 Siblings: $10.00 Caregivers/Adults: $20.00

Activity Details:

4-hour foraging tour: (Outdoors) Prospect Park includes so many varied habitats. It's loaded with shoots and greens in mid-spring, and many of these are edible and medicinal. We will forage different plants as the season changes. To name a few we have Spicy hedge mustard and poor man's pepper greens celery-, parsley-, and carrot-flavored goutweed violet leaves and flowers sassafras, which you can use to make tea and root beer, or as a culinary seasoning burdock, a despised invasive "weed" with a delicious edible and medicinal root prized in East Asia. spicy field pennycress, another member of the mustard family corn-flavored chickweed. And more.. along with how to eat them and cooking tips

Where: 20 Grand Army Plaza, Brooklyn,, Brooklyn, New York, 11238

How to Prepare / What to Bring: Meet at the stone benches by the stone wall, at Prospect Park's Grand Army Plaza entrance, behind the farmer's market and across from the library, not under the traffic circle. Book at least 24 hours in advance to reserve a place.

Caregiver must stay: YES