Geometry B Semester class

Provided by: Computing Wisdom

Ages: 13 years - 15 years

Start: Saturday, February 16, 2019 12.00am
End: Saturday, June 22, 2019 11.30am

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Price: $0.00 Siblings: $0.00 Caregivers/Adults: $0.00

Activity Details:

To determine if this course is a good fit for you, please book the drop-in class "Computing Wisdom FREE Math Assessment Test". Competitive Math is a mathematics enrichment program targeted to gifted/high-achieving 2nd–12th graders. This is a challenging program. The topics we covered are much broader and deeper than those found in a typical math curriculum. Besides developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in math, the program provides students with a solid understanding of mathematical concepts and exposes them to a variety of challenging math problems. This is the second part (B) of a two-part course Geometry under Competitive Math for gifted/high achieving 8th-10th graders. This course lasts for 18 sessions with 2.5 hours in each session. Topics to be covered: Geometric Inequalities; Circles; Circles and Angles; Power of a Point; Three-Dimensional Geometry; Curved Surfaces; The More Things Change...; Analytic Geometry; Introduction to Trigonometry

Where: 1 Maiden Lane, 10th Floor, New York (Manhattan), New York, 10038

How to Prepare / What to Bring: Pencils and an eraser

Caregiver must stay: NO