The Super Tour of NYC Drop in

Provided by: On Location Tours

Ages: 6 years - 9 years

Price: $40.00 Siblings: $40.00 Caregivers/Adults: $56.00

Activity Details:

Featuring 40 locations Discover where your favorite superheroes from The Avengers, Spider-Man, Batman, Superman, Jessica Jones and more saved the day. • Visit the heart of New York City featured in Captain America: The First Avenger, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 and Heroes • Step into Clark Kent’s shoes at the Daily Planet in the in the Superman franchise • Relive the Battle of New York along Park Avenue from The Avengers • Swing by the Daily Bugle office building from Spider-Man • Take a picture where Danny Rand flips over a cab in Iron Fist • Go on location to the New York Stock Exchange where Batman fights Bane in The Dark Knight Rises • Drive by City Hall and its famous courthouses, seen in Daredevil and Jessica Jones • See the Statue of Liberty, featured in X-Men and Superman: The Movie (Tickets to the Statue not included) Children 5 & under are free.

Where: Midtown Comics ,200 W 40th St, New York (Manhattan), New York, 10018

How to Prepare / What to Bring: Children 5 & under are free.

Caregiver must stay: YES