7 language classes to try out in Manhattan

Being able to speak more than one language has many positive impacts on the brain. This much is confirmed by the multitude of studies out there. This included benefits in your child’s future career prospects and social interactions. GoBambino can help you and your child gain that Multilingual edge. Check out these classes!

  1. Italian classes and workshops

leaning Tower of Pisa Italy

Get close to the beautiful Italian and country of Italy without leaving Manhattan! Classes in a Contemporary setting, your children will learn Italian as it is spoken today. (Drop-ins for young ones & semester lessons for older kids. Sign up for Summer camps and weekly workshops)

Provider: Collina Italiana

Ages: 2 yr +

Neighborhood: Upper East Side



  1. Russian learnings


Introduce, Develop and enhance your child’s Russian skills by joining these playgroups, theatre programs, Robotics, Match and code classes depending on your child’s age.

Provider: ZplaySchool

Ages: 1 – 14 yrs

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

  1. Spanish classes


A playgroup in Spanish- a unique immersion, grassroots program. Creating theme centered classes and repetition will help the child recognize Spanish in daily life and the desire to learn it because it is FUN! (Drop-ins & semester lessons available for different age groups)

Provider: Hola Playgroup

Ages: 3 months- 4 yrs

Neighborhood: Flatiron

  1. Hebrew + sports

The 2Lingo FunFit Hebrew focuses on experiential methods of sports instruction while learning the basics of a new language. Children will learn skills in 8 core sports while coaches engage them in introductory language skills. Instead of children writing a new letter they will run to it.

Provider: FunFit Kids

Ages: 2-7 yrs

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

  1. Language Development support

Infants start without knowing a language, yet by 10 months, babies can distinguish speech sounds and engage in babbling. This class will provide parents with guidance on how to best address their child’s language development. Class for Parents and caregivers.


Ages: 0-18months

Neighborhood: Midtown West

  1. Developmental Movement

Movement is the key to stimulating brain development in young children.. During classes, children move through natural movement patterns via exercises and dance encouraging language, cognitive, social and emotional development.

Provider: Blooming Bebe

Ages: 1-3 yrs

Neighborhood: Upper West Side

  1. Creative Play Messy Movers

Fun music and movement activities all with live music accompaniment for the first segment of the class then offer art projects at the table and gross motor activities on the mat. Let your toddler explore and discover what their body can do whether it’s stretching, jumping, dancing, climbing or painting. Classes support children’s language development, fine and gross motor coordination, and encourage early socialization skills.

Provider: City Treehouse

Ages: 1-3 yrs

Neighborhood: Chelsea


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