Family NYE Party

New Year celebrations are all about showing gratitude for the previous year while ultimately welcoming the beginning of a new one.  If you are planning on hosting your own NYE party, here are some ways to observe New Year’s with your children so that your family creates memories to last a lifetime.


  1. Write gratitude letters that include hopes and goals for the New Year; these letters are then read out loud to everyone gathered at home.  annie-spratt-481263


  1. Participate in a year-in-review photo scavenger hunt.
  1. Write ideas for activities on slips of paper, and tuck them inside balloons – with one idea-slip per balloon; next, for each half-hour from 7PM to midnight, pop a balloon and spend that half-hour doing the idea suggested in that slip of paper (examples of ideas to write on the slips of paper include karaoke for 30 minutes, dance partysofiya-levchenko-165628.jpgfor a half-hour, turn off all the lights and hand out glow sticks for a glow-in-the-dark tag or hide’n’seek session, musical chairs for 30 minutes, etc).


  1. Play the alarm clock game, wherein an alarm clock is set to ring within 5 minutes, and the challenge is to have someone find it before the alarm goes off.  A different version of the alarm clock game is to set several alarm clocks to ring at the same time, then hide them; once they all start ringing, they must all be found to turn them off while the venture is timed to see which team has the better time in completing the task.

5.There’s also the NYE game called “Guess the Resolution Maker,” which has everyone write their resolutions, one resolution per slip of paper, then all placed in a hat; once each resolution is pulled out and read aloud, each person must guess who wrote the resolution, with the one who gets the most guesses right winning.


  1. Another recommendation, similar to a list of resolutions, instead has everyone make a family “fun things to do list of activities to do together” for the upcoming New Year, so that during family time in the New Year the family can try something from the list.


  1. Make a ball-shaped piñata filled with goodies that can be “dropped” at midnight for the kids to break open and enjoy?  Besides that, have everyone create a scrapbook of memories from the previous year, followed by making time capsules (including questions on the past year’s milestones and expectations for the New Year) that will remain sealed until the children turn 28 years old, or at least until the next New Year’s.


The great thing about hosting your own party is that you and your children get to decide the menu, the decorations, the party favors, the games, and all the fun things that can take place at your NYE party.  Create hats, confetti, noisemakers, and party favors.  Have themed New Year’s games for all ages at your party.  Cook and bake your own party food, making the experience one that your children can be heavily involved in so that they remember it well.  Or, if you decide to have your party catered, you and your children can add touches of decorations, which you all can create together as well.

Have a great celebration from all of us at GoBambino!

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