NYC Chess Classes For Children!

Looking for children’s chess classes in NYC? Look no further!

GoBambino offers drop-ins and semester classes for ages 5-14 from Chess Max Academy, located in the UES.

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Here at Chess Max Academy, we prioritize the learning journey of our students. Our sessions are tailor-made to maximize a student’s learning potential. To help students learn at their own pace, we usually conduct competitive yet interactive sessions where feedback is always given. GM Maxim Dlugy patiently assists each student so that the learning process is accurate and highly effective. While other schools in NYC offer generic lessons, Chess Max Academy definitely raises the bar.

Our mission is to teach students in a professionally engaging and fun way, enabling each student to reach the peak of his or her potential by offering different sets of problems to tackle in a group setting. We will effectively unlock that potential in every student. We welcome parents and students to contact us with suggestions of best times, types of tournaments you would play in, lecture topics and others to improve our compatibility with your interests.

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