Kids’ Activity Provider Highlight: Connection to Creativity

This summer, trade in your beach ball for a book! Books have the power to spark the imagination and engage creativity. Children should be excited by literature and find themselves captivated by what each book has to offer. This is precisely the mission of our featured activity provider, Connection to Creativity.

About Connection to Creativity

Connection to Creativity believes every child should possess reading and comprehension skills at their grade level or higher. So they strive to create youth programs that inspire, provoke and build imagination, and spark reading comprehension. They offer fantastic, engaging programs for kids in Pre-K all through Elementary.


Now an environment of educational support and fun for all children, Connection to Creativity got its start out of a need to help a struggling child. On how Connection to Creativity began, the founder says:

Connection to Creativity grew out of a need to help my eldest son Aliko develop his reading skills. Aliko’s challenges with reading were negatively impacting his schoolwork. This sparked within me the desire to support him and other kids with similar challenges. Together, we discovered that because every child learns differently, presenting reading opportunities with a creative, inspired and interactive lens allowed them to connect with the content better. Ultimately, this helps children achieve a rich, comprehensive reading experience. Thus, in 2015, Connection to Creativity was born.

GoBambino is proud to feature Connection to Creativity activities on our app. Keep an eye out for several fun, captivating activities for children all throughout the summer on GoBambino!


Connection to Creativity Kids’ Activities This Summer

This summer, Connection to Creativity hosts their exciting Pop Up & Read Book Series. A book-alicious adventure like no other! Explore Bookland with your little one and create special memories for both you and your child!

Fun Includes: A personalized book by the author just for you. Additionally, enjoy a meet & greet with the author. You’ll also create keepsake memories with your little one, and enjoy tasty delights. And much more fun-tastic activities! All items are included in our package. A different book will be read at each event in the series. Books featured throughout the summer include:


Connection to Creativity wants all kids to succeed. Even more, they are on a mission to change the way kids view reading by helping parents, schools, and the community approach reading in fun, creative, and engaging ways so that kids appreciate the value in reading.


GoBambino is delighted to offer all of these Connection to Creativity activities (and more) on our app. Don’t forget to check it out for the most up-to-date activity listings. Happy Summer, and Happy Reading!


The GoBambino Team


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