Using classes to help kids develop a range of skills

Every parent want to give their children the best chance in life and at an early age this means giving them the opportunity to develop a range of skills that will help them through life. Skills can range from balance to communication or knowledge. All forms of learning develop a diverse skill set for children and are super important. Here are some ways to stimulate your child’s growth.

Classes for kids Manhattan 

Extracurricular classes can really help develop kids. In any activity you choose to participate in, the main skill the kids can gain is that of learning itself. By helping your child learn you will be able to increase their cognitive ability to help them succeed more effectively in the future.

Sports activities for kids in Manhattan

Sports activities are a great learning and development tool for kids. Sports teaches kids coordination and balance as well as teamwork and discipline. These important skills can be very useful in life and they are great fun at the time too. Whether you send them to play basketball or put them on a soccer pitch, all of these skills will help them in the future.

Some amazing sports activities are:

Tennis – Get your child the gift of attending classes at the Hell’s Kitchen Tennis Academy – they provide amazing private and group classes for kids of all ages.

Tennis classes for kids can be booked on GoBambino 

Hell’s Kitchen Tennis Academy

317 W 52nd Street
New York, NY 10019

Basketball – did you know that your child can start playing as early as 18 months?

Hand on Hoops offers a diverse set of drop in classes for kids of all ages, just drop your kid off, let them have a blast and make new friends while they’re at it.

West Side Hoops also provides amazing summer camps for children on the upper west side. Your child can try a one week camp, or enroll in all three.

Book these basketball classes and summer camps and look through others on GoBambino.

Mommy and me NYC 

Activities don’t need to be done solo either. Kids can learn effectively when they are carrying out activities with a parent too. Children should get some time to socialize with other children, but you can be involved in activities as well.

GoBambino offers a variety of Mommy and me classes to choose from – find classes offered by My Sunshine Tutoring Center on the Upper East Side, they offer classes for babies starting at three months to kids up to age 4.

There are awesome parent/child classes at Songs for seeds – various locations in the city – play a live band with your child at this amazing award winning play center – it is the most fun you can have with your child in 45 minutes.

Kids activities may just seem like great fun on the surface, but they also help the development of your children.



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