Brainiac Tennis


Esther Forrester is a former Division I collegiate player. She has been running her own programs for kids for over 10 years and has been teaching for almost twenty years. She has also coached The Empire State Games and Tennis Europe. She has been nationally ranked in the thirty and over category. She enjoys roller blading, photography, and performing stand up comedy in her spare time. Esther emphasizes smart play and tactics in her teaching. Esther' enthusiasm for the game and her gregarious personality make lessons fly by in a snap. Their training isn't just about drilling and perfecting your technique, it's about becoming match ready. From Their training, you will prepare for tennis matches. You won't just hit balls that are right into your comfort zone and don't realistically mock the balls hit to you during tennis matches. You will learn strategic patterns! You will learn how to return all kinds of shots. You will be armed with a winning recipe for matches.