The FitPod mission is to provide parents of young children awesome, full body workouts in an inviting and child-welcoming space. There is no reason new moms should be sidelined from fitness. On top of creating a foundation of strength and health for new parents, by exposing children to group fitness we seek to set a path for lifelong health by providing early stage exercise awareness. Parenthood can be overwhelming, but rather than treat early childhood as time to slack on your personal development, you’ve actually got an incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and become an example to your growing child! Most commercial gyms in NYC and nearly no boutique gyms cater to parents. That means new moms and dads have starker fitness and family trade offs to make when gyms don’t allow children, and gym babysitting feels lacking. FitPodNYC provides a way for new parents and children to maximize time together while getting great results!